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Credit Union Members
How To Apply For An Auto Loan
As a credit union member, you have benefits that enable you to make wise choices when contemplating important financial decisions. There are a couple different ways you can apply for a credit union auto loan. Either way, you will benefit from great credit union financing with your next vehicle purchase.
Go to your neighborhood CUDL Dealer. Locate

The Dealer will work with you and your credit union to qualify you for a low-interest auto loan through the CUDL program. This usually takes just a few minutes and you can do all the paperwork right at the dealership!

OR Go to your local credit union’s branch.

Visit your credit union and request to get pre-approved. Then ask them to recommend a CUDL AutoSMART dealer. Be sure to call the recommended dealer first and make an appointment with the CUDL contact to get the best service. Don’t forget to mention your credit union recommended them.

Benefits of Being A Credit Union Member
Because credit unions are democratic, member-owned cooperatives, members have the power to direct credit union policy. Members are given the opportunity annually to select candidates from among their peers for the Board of Directors, to represent them in setting the policies of the credit union. Besides the member-ownership advantage, the not-for-profit status of a credit union enables them to operate at a lower cost than many for-profit institutions, and offer competitive loan and savings rates to the members.

As a credit union member,
  1. You can nominate candidates from among your peers to serve on your credit union’s board of directors.
  2. You can take advantage of the competitive loan and savings rates available to you as a result of your credit union’s not-for-profit status.
  3. You have access to experienced financial counselors who can help you meet your savings goals and minimize costs when you borrow money.
To see what other member benefits are available to you, click on our credit union’s logo above.
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